Art Provence

Johanne Spinella paints Provence in a powerful expressionism. Guided by movement and colour, the artist immerses herself in the Provençal Masters, in a subjective figurative approach.

71, place Genty Pantaly, 84220, Gordes

Page updated on 19/03/2024

A self-taught artist

Born in France, Johanne Spinella is known for her unique and powerful style, imbued with gesture and colour. Self-taught, she developed her talent in a painter's studio, drawing her inspiration from the great masters of the 20th century.

For Johanne Spinella, painting is not a simple reproduction of reality, but an impression, even an expression of it. This is why she adopts a resolutely expressionist and subjective style, in which the dynamics of personality shine through every brushstroke.

Johanne Spinella's works have won her an international following, and can now be found in private collections all over the world: from the United States to China, via Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, England, Spain, Canada and, of course, France.

In 2021, Johanne Spinella opened the doors of her own gallery in Gordes, a landmark venue where the artist invites art lovers to discover her fascinating world and explore her bold, vibrant creations. In this space dedicated to creation and emotion, each painting is an invitation to an inner journey, a unique sensory experience combining passion, energy and emotion.

Galerie Art Provence - Gordes

Art Provence - Gordes

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From 01/04 to 01/10. Closed on Thursday.


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