Night discovery of the village of Gordes

On a warm summer evening, we took part with our family in the night tour of Gordes. Interesting experience, at night, discover the alleys of Gordes...

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The guide took us to the streets of the village at nightfall, making its history alive and telling us, with passion, the anecdotes that make it rich.

From the fountain of Place Genty Pantaly to the Chapel of Saint Pons, passing through the Chaplaincy of St Jacques, we reached the door of Savoy.

In particular, we learned why there is a Savoy gate in Gordes, in Provencal land...

Upon entering the church of Saint-Firmin by night, we felt a very special atmosphere. The lighted candles illuminated the Baroque interior of this eighteenth century building with warm light.

Near the Terraces Theatre and its magnificent cave winery, we met Fortunée Béridot, this “Venus de Gordes” with tumultuous love.

Some nearby towns and villages were illuminated in the distance: Cavaillon, Oppede-le-Vieux and the silhouette of his collegiate church Notre-Dame d "Alidon, Bonnieux and the border between Petite and Grand Luberon...

Passing past the house of the painter André Lhote, we learned that the village owes its renaissance to the arrival of many artists of the new wave such as Lhote, Chagall and Vasarely.

Finally, the visit ended with the history of the Agoult-Simiane family. These lords of Gordes came from an illustrious Provencal family, for whom the fiefs of Gordes and Caseneuve were erected as a barony. Their imposing castle, built in the 11th century and redesigned in the Renaissance, still dominates the historic heart of the village.

We haven't seen time pass!

This original tour, in the light of a flashlight and under the stars, allowed us to discover Gordes, one of the most beautiful villages in France.

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