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Arson is an atypical artist whose creativity is expressed through sculpture and painting. Based in Gordes, in the heart of Provence, Arson works in his studio, where he is available by appointment.

rue Fontaine Basse, 84220, Gordes

Page updated on 21/12/2023

Arson Sculptures - Gordes

Arson Sculptures - Gordes

The artist's bold style pushes the boundaries of creativity, and his contemporary sculptures are a testament to his artistic genius. Each of his works is a unique experience, an immersion in pure artistic expression.

Among his most emblematic original works are the "Esculmaux", a unique collection of resin pop sculptures. These transcendent creations are much more than just sculptures; they are artistic expressions that evoke sensual fragrances and gourmet aesthetics. The choice of personalised colours allows each piece to blend harmoniously into contemporary spaces.

You'll also find "Le Bonbon d'Arson," the artist's new tender, gourmet work. It's what he calls "L'Art Gourmand", an artistic innovation that he invented as a remedy for the sadness that surrounds us. This unique creation is an invitation to savour art in a deliciously sweet form.

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Arson et son Esculmau Magnum
Les Bonbons d'Arson

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From 01/01 to 31/12. By appointment.