The table also has Christmas flavours and colours

Christmas vegetables and fruit can be eaten raw or cooked, alone or cooked.

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...Turn to the safe values with green and white colours: chard, celery, spinach... Add to this salads like frisée and other field salads.

Raw chard and celery will work wonders with a good anchovy paste (a Must Have in Provence!). The chard cut into cubes, cooked, blanched and then accompanied by a béchamel sauce and placed in the oven will be unparalleled in its sweetness. As for spinach, more or less crushed according to taste, it will reveal its flavour with a little milk or cream and eggs.

And yes, simplicity is also found on the plate and accompanies your more elaborate meat or fish dishes.


... The dry ones (almonds, walnuts, dates, hazelnuts, grapes...) will be eaten as much as you like or incorporated in more or less elaborate culinary preparations. Placed next to each other, accompanied by nougat, oil pump, grapes, quince paste and candied fruit, you will have your 13 desserts. Dates are very present in this period; more or less fleshy, dry and candied, they can be eaten alone like a little treasure (the Medjoul) or associated with almond paste for example. As for fresh fruit, apples and pears are at the top of the list at this time. Clementines and tangerines, litchis, mangoes and pineapples arrive from further south or far away. An explosion of flavours and colours.

You can find all these ingredients at your local greengrocers. Here, we went to the shop Un Coin de Jardin in Robion and we thank them for their time.
Open from Monday to Saturday lunchtime, this AliBaba cave of good produce has been beautifully decorated to welcome its customers and offer them even more happiness. Delivery and preparation of orders on request.

Un coin de jardin – 260 avenue Aristide Briand – 84440 Robion
04 90 71 92 75 – 06 88 06 87 18 /

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