Autumnal lantern - Do It Yourself!

Whether you live in the country or in the city, you can take advantage of your walks to find something to decorate your home. Do you live near a path or simply next to a park?

Page updated on 08/11/2022

Nature in Luberon Coeur de Provence, a source of inspiration

In these times of confinement, we advise you to use what you already have at home.
An unused vase, jars gathering dust or small jars at the back of the cupboard that you only take out for cocktails! For our part, we chose a fairly large and shallow jar. With our trainers on and a certificate under our arm, let the picking begin! Don't forget to take a small bag...

The treasures of the Luberon in autumn...

We choose dead leaves to line the bottom of the jar. Vary the colours! Yellows, reds, oranges, browns... Autumn is the season of flamboyant colours, so go wild! We also find small branches of different sizes, shapes and colours... Luckily there are even a few chestnuts on the ground! Take what you like, respecting nature... Don't tear off the branches and leaves, there are enough on the ground.

After the hike, it's time to create!

A short 40-minute ride is enough to fill the bag! Once at home, you can find a few more things to complete the future composition. For us it will be; a garland that should have been hung a long time ago and a small electric candle (we don't take any risks, depending on your composition don't use real candles)

Your autumnal lantern step by step...

- The leaves are placed in the bottom of the jar, alternating colours... To contrast, small branches with green leaves are placed on one side.
- To keep the leaves and branches in place, a few chestnuts and heavier elements are placed on top.
- To add volume, a "bouquet" is made up of branches with green and brown leaves of varying density. The bouquet is then enclosed with red vine leaves and held together with a rubber band.
- The bouquet is placed in the centre of the jar with branches falling down the sides.
- Finally, the candle is placed at the bottom of the jar so that it is visible and lights the bouquet from below.

There are still some unused elements. Arrange some of them around the lantern and place a garland at the back to create more contrast. The job is done!

Endless possibilities!

The advantage of "Do It Yourself" is that no two creations are alike... You can limit yourself to the first step of the composition and not make the bouquet. You can also create a monochrome composition...

If you have an oak tree growing near your home, go and collect its acorns. Put them in a jar and place a candle in the centre, simple and effective!

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