Rocher Mistral - Château de la Barben

Le Rocher Mistral is a unique leisure park in Provence. Waterfalls, comedy, dance, fights, sound and light shows - up to 12 shows and a host of other attractions await the public in the heart of the thousand-year-old castle of La Barben.

Chemin de la Baou, 13330, La Barben

Page updated on 09/04/2024

Rocher Mistral is a unique leisure park in Provence

It takes you on an extraordinary journey through time with 10 shows and numerous activities to share with your family. Stunts, comedy, dance, sword fights, sound and light shows amaze the public at the heart of the thousand-year-old castle of La Barben. During the day or in the evening, live the adventure at Rocher Mistral!
Dive into the heart of the Middle Ages in a battle of knights ready to do anything to defeat the enemy, flee the rebels who besiege and burn the castle, sail the oceans of the globe alongside an officer of the Royal Navy of Louis XIV, fly over the most emblematic places of Provence on the back of an eagle, get lost in the giant labyrinth, find the stolen jewels of Pauline Borghese in an original treasure hunt, dream in front of the night shows in the castle gardens... At the Rocher Mistral park, the settings, music and ultra-modern technologies allow an immersion for the whole family that you will remember forever!

In 2023, Rocher Mistral is adding magic to magic with several new features, including a dazzling night-time show dedicated to Napoleon. "Napoleon: the Eagle and the Muse" is a ground-breaking sound and light show which, from the gardens of the castle, in the heart of the night, will take you on a journey in the footsteps of the French Emperor. Lasers, video mapping, water games and music will inevitably transport you to a universe you never imagined. This year, the leisure park is also inaugurating its giant labyrinth, to the delight of children, who will be able to get lost in the maze of this mysterious space for as long as they like. A new puppet show is also on the bill for the little ones, who will be shouting along to the amusing and hilarious Tartar of Tarascon, who is easily being fooled.
Rocher Mistral is also about sharing good times together in the charming and welcoming Auberge Daudet around its Provençal dishes or during a quicker meal at the “Guinguette” of Marius in front of an incredible collection of ancient games in free access or next to the pétanque field which puts at your disposal bowls and jacks for a memorable family or friendly competition!
A day at Rocher Mistral is like no other. It is a day of surprises, sensations and happiness to be shared between all generations in a leisure park with a majestic setting.

Shows at Rocher Mistral

Daytime shows


Back from the crusades, Robert de Pontevès, lord of the castle of La Barben, must reconquer his lands and rescue his beloved from the clutches of Guy de Terrefroide and his lawless men. With the help of his companions, Robert will try everything to settle their account with these impostors. In this show with professional stuntmen, the audience is immersed into the heart of a merciless fight that delights all generations. The sets, the costumes and the quality of the stunts performed make this an extraordinary show.

Knight of the Royal

Claude de Forbin, the king's privateer, sailed all the seas of the world in the name of Louis XIV. Commander of galleys, convicted of a duel, appointed general of an Asian king, he shone with panache and battles until his last breath.
Discover the incredible epic of one of the most famous French sailors and plunge into the underground world of the castle through sets that will transport you into the thrilling world of Claude de Forbin. From the old port of Marseille to the heart of a naval battle, via the palace of an Asian ruler, you will live an experience as beautiful as it is surprising.

The uprising of the Cascavèu

1630, a peasant revolt causes the fire of the castle of La Barben. Cardinal de Richelieu wants to take control of the taxes of Provence. The local population does not see it the same way. The anger of the people will provoke the hasty flight of the nobles from the castle. Will the army of the Prince of Condé succeed in crushing these rebels?
A stroll through the floors of the castle where sets, actors, music and special effects make you experience this revolt as if you were there.

Rocher Mistral

Rocher Mistral

Rocher Mistral

The Builder's Quest

Under an imposing cathedral style stone vault, the Builders' Quest is sure to make your eyes glaze over in front of a 360° video mapping. A journey of a thousand colours and shapes that takes you back to the year 1000 to the monks of Saint Victor's Abbey in Marseille. A miracle of technology that allows a show of a rare beauty.

The breath of Provence

On the back of Bonelli's Eagle, fly over the most majestic sites of Provence. A journey suspended above a nature surrounded by lavender, olive trees, the salty ponds of the Camargue and the remarkable reliefs of the south of France. A discovery of the most majestic monuments of the aera is also possible thanks to a 360° video mapping that will make you touch the wings of the Daudet mill or the Good Mother of Notre-Dame de la Garde.

Tartarin of Tarascon

Alphonse Daudet's favourite anti-hero goes lion hunting in Africa, but he surrounds himself with some very unsavoury characters who will drive him crazy!
This puppet show makes the little ones laugh out loud as they cheer Tartarin on in this humorous adventure.

The parish priest of Cucugnan

When the parish priest of Cucugnan visits paradise in a dream, he finds no souls of the elders of his commune. Catastrophe! They are certainly all in hell! To save the living of Cucugnan and open the gates of heaven to them, he must confess them and restore their faith. This is where things start going wrong....
A mini play extracted from Alphonse Daudet's work admirably performed by actors who inevitably make the audience howl with laughter.

Master Cornille's secret

No one brings wheat to Master Cornille, owner of an old mill, since a factory moved into the area. But things change abruptly when the inhabitants discover Master Cornille's secret.
A mini play with a southern accent, full of humour and lightness.

Night shows

The Féeries des jardins Le Nôtre

It is a show of exceptional quality that is offered to visitors of Rocher Mistral in the gardens of the castle. An enchanting universe where the walls of the fortress come to life thanks to technology, dancers, stuntmen and actors who give their all to make you live a suspended moment. Between music, huge water jets, lasers and video mapping, the Fééries des Jardins Le Nôtre will fascinate spectators from 7 to 107 years old without exception.

Rocher Mistral

Napoleon: The Eagle and the Muse

This is the great novelty of the 2023 season! An impressive sound and light show that immerses you into the Napoleonic epic. From the battlefields to the emperor's private life, it is his favourite sister, Pauline, who knows the castle of La Barben well, having lived a forbidden love affair with Auguste de Forbin, who will take you by the hand and lead you to discover the incredible life of her brother.
A show that comes to life at nightfall, at the foot of the castle, in the magnificent French gardens. A high quality production where the latest technology makes this great Sound and Light show an exceptional moment to share with your family!

Rocher Mistral

Rocher Mistral

Let yourself be enchanted by the culinary delights awaiting you at Rocher Mistral, a veritable gastronomic paradise where the pleasures of the table take pride of place. Whether you're a passionate gourmet or simply looking for a memorable culinary experience, this unique venue offers a multitude of options to satisfy every taste and hunger.

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Practical information on Rocher Mistral - Château de la Barben

Opening times and periods

From 30/03 to 03/11/2024.


Free entry for children < 5 years, accompanying guides, the drivers.
Group rate available for > 20 people.

Day rates from €22.50
Evening "Night show" ticket from €19.00

Annual pass (web): €75 (adults) / €54 (children).

- ID required for each person.
- Non-refundable and non-cancellable tickets.
- Reduced prices (PRM, students, etc.) only at the ticket office.
- Prices for groups, associations, schools, works councils and local authorities on request.






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