Top 8 gift ideas in Destination Luberon Coeur de Provence

Page updated on 09/11/2022

1. A weekend in the heart of the Luberon

Why settle for a walk in the Luberon when you could stay there for several days...? Treat your friends and family to a stay in the Luberon! 

2. A day in a vintage car

Visiting the Luberon is great, doing it in a vintage car is even better! Give a vintage touch to your trip by choosing to travel in a 2CV or a Mehari... Authentic experience guaranteed!

3. L’huile d’olive du Luberon

Authentic flavour of Provence, olive oil is a safe bet! Whether you like it mild or full-bodied, visit one of the Luberon mills, which will be able to advise you. An exceptional offer that allows you to share and taste quality products.

4.Craving for delicacies?

Honey, candied fruits, chocolate... You will find something to delight the taste buds of the whole family in the Luberon! Local producers are waiting for you to fill your tables and your gift boxes. Interesting idea: compose your own gift basket to offer (or to taste yourself...). A personal and delicious gift!

5. A cooking class

Now that our baskets are full of good products from the Luberon, we need to know what to do with them! Several chefs welcome you and offer cooking classes. Learn how to sublimate your dishes and impress your family and friends!

6. Lavender

Lavender, inseparable from the Luberon and Provence! You probably know the essential oil, but there are many other products based on lavender... For lovers of the authentic blue flower, the Luberon will make you happy!

7. Decoration, arts and crafts

To offer decoration is delicate, to find the unique object also... But be reassured, the diversity and the quality of the works of our craftsmen of art will correspond to you for sure. Meet the craftsmen of the Luberon. Find unique works by visiting their shops!

8. Slow and slow again!

Yes, we slow down and enjoy: plan to do yourself some good! Spa and hikes, healthy cooking and yoga? Give yourself a magical moment to start the year off right. And cycling, classic or electric, along small bucolic roads to reach some of the Most Beautiful Villages in France or to tour the Luberon by bike: days out of time, just for yourself to organise! 

Are you inspired? Don't hesitate to discover our beautiful Christmas markets... 

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