TOP 5 sensational activities in Destination Luberon

Fill up on thrills in the heart of the Luberon Regional Nature Park! Thrilling activities and unforgettable adventures await you!

Page updated on 29/08/2023

The Via Ferrata in Cavaillon: a daring adventure!

In the heart of the enchanting landscapes of the Luberon, try this unique experience that will make the hearts of adventure and thrill-seekers beat faster! Head for the Via Ferrata in Cavaillon! You can get there by climbing the 400 steps next to the tourist office. Yes, the Via Ferrata is right in the town centre!

What is Via Ferrata?

An outdoor activity, it's a climbing course equipped to allow people to traverse rock faces using ladders, ramps, metal steps (...) to facilitate progress. Experienced climbers and beginners alike are welcome to take part! However, we recommend that you be accompanied by a trained instructor if you're trying it out for the first time.

The Via Ferrata de Cavaillon offers 2 routes the "Via Natura", a discovery route reserved for climbers over 1m30 and lasting 2 hours (approx.). Then there's the "Via Souterrata", a sporting itinerary (2h Via Natura + 2h Via Souterrata) reserved for climbers over 1m50 and lasting around 4h.

So, are you ready for adventure?

The Via Ferrata establishes a link between man and nature, and provides an unrivalled adrenalin rush. As soon as you take your first steps, you'll feel a mixture of excitement and apprehension. With harnesses properly adjusted and helmets securely fastened, the participants set off to attack the rock face. The rough feel of the rock under your fingers creates a direct connection with nature...

Admire the breathtaking panoramic views over Cavaillon, the Ventoux, the Monts de Vaucluse, the Luberon, the Durance Valley and the Alpilles.
With each difficult passage, your self-confidence grows as you overcome the obstacles. All this makes Via Ferrata a deeply satisfying emotional and physical experience.
Ultimately, the Cavaillon Via Ferrata is much more than just a sporting activity: it's a multi-sensory experience that awakens the senses and stimulates the mind.

2. Are you into accrobranche?

In the heart of the lush natural surroundings of the Passerelle des Cimes at Lagnes, near Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, lies an adventure that offers a very different perspective: accrobranche.

What is accrobranche?

It's a fun activity in the trees in the forest, with different routes for young and old.
Tree climbing stimulates the senses, nourishes the soul with new sensations and transports participants to the middle of the canopy, where daring and connecting with nature take on their full meaning!

As soon as you take your first steps on the treetop adventure course, you'll be overcome by a feeling of excitement... or perhaps fear or the desire to redouble your efforts! With harnesses properly adjusted, karabiners attached and helmets on, the adventurers set off in complete safety on a series of zip lines, monkey bridges, suspended footbridges and climbing nets after being briefed.

In the heart of nature, high up in the trees, the earth will seem low! Green, blue, red, black, extreme black... Each colour has its own fun routes, with progressive levels of difficulty! The choice is yours: climb from tree to tree as you please. Experienced, sporty? Then head for the black and extreme black tree courses for all the thrills! Experience some intense moments: your little ones will give you an extra dose of courage!

3. ULM: an aerial adventure of thrills and freedom!

Admire the Luberon from the sky... Come on board Flying Spirit, based in Cabrières-d'Avignon, and discover or rediscover the Luberon in a whole new way...
Climb aboard a microlight, take to the skies and discover the Luberon in a totally original way! Yes, it's possible in the Luberon. As the runway stretches out in front of you, the microlight promises an extraordinary aerial adventure... The wheels leave the ground and a feeling of lightness comes over you. It rises gracefully into the air and every jolt gives you sensations you won't forget! The panoramic view will leave you with unforgettable memories... Rivers, valleys, forests (...) are revealed from a whole new angle. An immersive experience and an invitation to discover Provence in a very captivating way.

4. Mountain biking: off-road escape for adventurers

When you get on your mountain bike, the world opens up to you! It's time to explore! Every pedal stroke, every steep climb and every dizzying descent gives you a series of sensations that combine to create an unforgettable experience, both physical and emotional.
As the winding paths come into view, nature reveals itself more and more. The sensation of speed and power that comes with each descent is unrivalled, while each climb rewards you with personal satisfaction.

Discover the trails of the Luberon mountain bike circuits, a great experience. Whatever your level, there's something for everyone, from the easiest to the most technical, from rocky technical trails to gentler forest tracks. Find the route that suits your skill level and set off along the roads of our wonderful region. Incredible scenery awaits you...

5. Hiking: challenging yourself with every step!

Hiking in the Luberon is a magical experience. Immerse yourself in the heart of unspoilt countryside, following picturesque paths through lush green hills, lush forests and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you prefer a peaceful hike or a more strenuous one, every step you take and every path you follow will give you a feeling of well-being. The Luberon offers a whole range of itineraries designed to suit all levels.

Hiking is also an activity that allows you to go beyond your limits, both physical and mental. This quest to surpass yourself brings with it a series of deep and gratifying sensations, doesn't it? Aren't you proud to say that you've succeeded in doing what you thought was impossible?
The first step marks the beginning of your journey towards accomplishment. You encourage yourself, you motivate yourself and you're ready for those sensations of pure bliss. Your mind prepares for the effort and every climb becomes a challenge. Your challenge. Your legs burn, your breath quickens, but your satisfaction floods over you. That feeling of having achieved the unattainable. Yes, you can do it! Now all you have to do is enjoy the wonderful scenery all around you.

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Please note: access to forest areas in the Vaucluse is restricted from 15 June to 15 September due to the risk of fire. Find out more about access conditions.

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