Ideas of recipes based on melon!

We met Loïc Ballet and chef Jean-Jacques Prévôt at Bernard and Sylvain Meyssard, producers of Melon at Cheval-Blanc for the TV show "telematin" on France 2!

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Ideas recipes based on melon!

Ideas recipes based on melon!

Loic Ballet put his scooter in the heart of the fields at the foot of the Luberon to talk about the melon of Cavaillon!

Ideas recipes based on melon!

Jean-Jacques Provôt at the tricylce stove, offers you some recipes based on melon!

Ideas recipes based on melon!

Ideas recipes based on melon!

Melo'Jito Aperitif

With or without alcohol - 6 people

200 gr melon (pulp)
3 gr fresh ginger (pulp)
15 chopped fresh mint leaves
Tour du moulin (5 spices; Composition: Sichuan pepper, badian, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, fennel)
2 lemons for its juice
1 bottle of fruity or dry white wine (Côte du Rhône)
Crushed ice
1 bottle of sparkling water

Ideas recipes based on melon!

Bread with Parmesan and confit melon

195gr soft butter
225 gr sifted white flour
1 piece of Parmesan 225 gr (10 months of ripening)
120 gr candied melon or unglazed drained.
1 mini pinch of Espelette pepper
Butter 20gr for the oven plate.


- Cut the Parmesan cheese into large pieces and blend it with the Blender for 4 minutes, add the soft butter, the Espelette pepper, mix 2 minutes then add the flour and mix another 2 minutes.
- Prepare a ball flatten there and leave for 2H in the refrigerator.
- Dripped or iced candied melons.

Helpful Hint, if you have dripped or glazed candied melons: place in a bath of warm water the slices of melon to remove excess sugar, then drain and dry with a paper.


- Spread the dough finely and regularly on a buttered plate. Cut circles or sticks with a cookie cutter.
- Place small dice or slices of candied melon.


- Preheat oven to 170°
- Cook for 6 minutes

Crunchy, savoury biscuits can be stored for 15 days in a dry box.

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