The magic of Christmas in Provence

Christmas is coming! This time of year lights up the hearts and eyes of young and old alike. In Provence, Christmas traditions are well established.

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Intense and magical moments of sharing that combine colours, scents, lights, emotions and happiness!

Embark on the magic of a Christmas in Provence and its traditions 

Saint Barbara's Day  

The festivities begin on 4 December with Saint Barbara's Day, when many families sow wheat in three small bowls with cotton wool soaked in water. If the wheat is big, beautiful and green for Christmas, it means prosperity for the family!  

Nativity scenes and Santons  

Every year, many Santon fairs are organised in Provence from November onwards. 

The exhibition "Provençal and Neapolitan cots at the Hôtel d'Agar" to be discovered from 1 December 2022 to 18 February 2023. 

Since the 19th century, the golden age of santons in Provence, the little figures have been modernised and represent scenes of country life at a time when mills, small bridges, small houses and flocks of sheep were legion. The great families of santon makers produced santons that have been handed down from generation to generation. Their "classic" profile matches traditional cots and each year everyone buys a classic santon to add to their collection. 

Good addresses:

2nd Interregional Santon Exhibition in Cabrières-d'Avignon 17/18 December 2022
Santons de Roures in Robion

The Big Supper and the Thirteen Desserts  

The "Gros Souper", delicately laid on a white tablecloth decorated with three candleholders and small wheat cups of the Sainte-Barbe is eaten on Christmas Eve, December 24th. It consists of seven lean dishes and is followed by the famous custom of the thirteen desserts. This is probably the most celebrated in families in Provence. For some, it is unthinkable to conceive of Christmas Eve without the 13 desserts! The composition of the thirteen desserts varies from region to region. 

The villages of the Luberon are dressed in their finest  



The Christmas Lights

What makes Christmas so magical and unique in our villages of the Luberon is the warm and friendly atmosphere. Our villages are dressed in their most beautiful Christmas clothes: glittering garlands, illuminated Christmas trees and Christmas markets fill young and old with wonder every year. 

Christmas markets 

The Christmas and designer markets are part of the Christmas tradition in Provence. They are probably THE thing we all like to do during the month of December.

We stroll from chalet to chalet through local gastronomy, crafts, decoration and gift ideas. We take the time to taste a good hot chocolate to warm up and appreciate this moment of sharing.  

Find here, the markets and Christmas animations in Destination Luberon Cœur de Provence. 
Let's not forget our shopkeepers who offer you nice decorations or gifts for Christmas! 

Simple recipes for you and your children!  



Can you smell the Christmas scent? Because that's what Christmas is all about: a tasty drink, Christmas biscuits, a blanket, a Christmas movie, all in front of the fireplace! You can see yourself there, can't you? 
For the occasion, the Cuisine 2 Gaël in Oppède offers you 3 easy recipes to make your Christmas snacks even more magical! 

Hot chocolate with spices
Christmas shortbread  

Gourmet gifts...



For those with a sweet tooth, Destination Luberon Coeur de Provence offers you a list of some retailers for your sweet gifts... to help you make your choice! At Christmas, we like to treat ourselves but also to please others! Chocolates, candied fruits, jams and other sweets...  There's something for every taste and every desire... You will find something to delight the taste buds of all your family and friends in the Luberon. For once, leave your guilt aside!  

Maison Jarry – Artisan chocolatier -- 39 Av. Victor Basch, 84300 Cavaillon
Maison du Gibassier – 1945 Av. du 8 Mai, 84160 Lourmarin
Confiture La Roumanière - 199 Rte de Cavaillon, 84440 Robion
Confiserie Saint-Denis - Zone Artisanale Plan des Amandiers, 84220 Beaumettes
La Maison du fruit confit - 538 Quartier Salignan, D900, 84400 Apt
L’Essentiel Cavaillon - 31 Rue Aimé Boussot, 84300 Cavaillon
Chocolaterie Bernard Castelain - 28C Lot. Quai des Entreprises, 84660 Maubec
La Nicoline Maubec - 80 B Rte de Cavaillon, 84660 Maubec
L’étoile du Délice Pâtisserie-Chocolaterie - 57 Pl. Castil Blaze, 84300 Cavaillon
Boulangerie Lyse - 267 Rte de Gordes, 84220 Cabrières-d'Avignon

And more! 

After a few gourmet ideas for your Christmas gifts, Destination Luberon Coeur de Provence has selected other ideas for your Christmas gifts... Because yes, it is a magical time of year... but it can turn into a real headache when preparing your presents. The days are passing and Christmas is approaching fast... So hurry, hurry, get ready! 

The entire Destination Luberon Cœur de Provence team wishes you a very happy holiday season and a merry Christmas filled with love and happiness ❤️

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