Top 8 films shot in Luberon

The Luberon is known for the beauty of its breathtaking landscapes, the richness of its heritage, without forgetting its perched and picturesque villages which make its reputation!

Proof of this is the fact that it is an exceptional place that has attracted a multitude of film makers. Films that have become great classics have been shot in the emblematic villages of the Luberon: Vaugines, Lourmarin, Gordes, Oppède-le-Vieux (and many others!): authenticity, natural settings and charm are the order of the day!
Discover our "TOP 8 films shot in the Luberon", to see or re-see!

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1- Jean de Florette

Film by Claude Berri - Some scenes shot in Vaugines, Mirabeau and Ansouis - 1986

The unavoidable hit film based on Marcel Pagnol's script...

Ugolin, a young peasant back from military service, dreams of making a fortune in carnation growing. His uncle, César Soubeyran, known as "le Papet", is ready to do anything for his nephew to succeed. But to do so, the two men must thwart the plans of a city dweller, Jean de Florette, who has come to settle on the property they covet. Jean de Florette has just moved into the family home with his wife Aimée and little daughter Manon.

Motivated and smiling, the young man ignores the Machiavellian plans of his neighbours. Unappreciated by the villagers because of his recent arrival, he will end up leaving his life in his work.

What is highlighted in this film? Nature, water and agriculture!

The famous church of Saint-Barthélémy in Vaugines where Manon's wedding was filmed and the revelation to the peasant in the pew.

2- Manon des Sources

Sequel to Jean de Florette, based on the Marcel Pagnol novels, filmed by Claude Berri - Some scenes shot in Vaugines, Mirabeau and Ansouis - 1986

The film that probably left its mark on people's minds and that everyone loves...

Years have passed since the death of Jean de Florette. Ugolin Soubeyran is now the owner of Les Romarins and is prospering thanks to the cultivation of carnations. His uncle César now wants him to marry to perpetuate the family name. Ugolin falls under the spell of Manon, the hunchback's daughter, who has become a beautiful young woman. But the truth about the circumstances that led to his father's death threatens to come out at any moment. Ugolin, despite his uncle's warnings, desperately tries to seduce the young woman. The latter, out of revenge, will block the spring. A young teacher arrives in the village and falls under the spell of the beautiful wild woman, who in turn falls in love with him.

What is highlighted in this film? Nature, water and family!

Silence, it's spinning!

3- Le coeur des hommes 1,2,3

Films by Marc Esposito - 2003 - 2007 - 2013

Four friends. Alex, Antoine, Jeff and Manu. Four modern men, both solid and immature, at the turning point of their adult lives. Their lives are marked by ups and downs, but these friends share the good and the bad, without ever denying their complicity.

What is the focus of this film? Friends, family!

It continues...

4- A good year

Film by Ridley Scott - Some scenes shot in Cucuron and Bonnieux, Lacoste and Ménerbes - 2006

Max Skinner, a formidable City investment banker, inherits his uncle's property and vineyard in Provence. He goes to the place where he used to spend his childhood holidays. It is then that Max learns that he no longer has a job. So he puts down his bags in the very old Provençal house. His desire to sell the property for a lot of money has to give way to the bitter reality that it only produces a dreadful piquette.

What is highlighted in this film? Provençal vineyards, Provençal lifestyle, wine, nature!

5- L'Été meurtrier

Film directed by Jean Becker, based on the novel of the same name by Sébastien Japrisot - Some scenes shot in Roussillon, Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt, Villars, Murs, Gargas, Lioux -1983

Éliane, a young woman with a devilishly beautiful face, arrives in a small village in the south of France, suitcase in hand, miniskirt and high heels as her standard. Pin-Pon, a dreamy garage owner and volunteer fireman, falls under her spell and into her trap...

What is highlighted in this film? The villages of Provence!

Break over, back to work!

6- Gazon Maudit

Film by Josiane Balasko - Some scenes shot in Roussillon, Apt, Murs, Bonnieux, Avignon - 1995

Laurent, who works in an estate agency in Avignon, is sitting at a café with Véro, his latest conquest, when his colleague and best friend, Antoine, joins them. Leaving him in the company of the young woman, Laurent goes to the counter to discreetly phone another of his mistresses, Ingrid, and set up a meeting with her in the evening. Meanwhile, his charming wife Loli, who has stayed in their comfortable house, looks after the household and the two children.

Last shots...

7- Heureux qui comme Ulysse

Film by Henri Colpi - Some scenes shot in Roussillon, Apt - 1970

Antonin has been working as a valet on a farm in the Arles region for forty years. His grief is insurmountable when he learns that Ulysse, an old horse, his companion for twenty-five years, is to be taken to the picador Petit-Jean, where a certain death awaits him. He is the one who has raised the nag, cared for him and pampered him. Antonin does not accept the indifference of those around him.

What is highlighted in this film? Heritage, nature!

8- La fille du puisatier 

Film by Daniel Auteuil who uses Pagnol's novel for his film - Some scenes were shot in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue - 2011

In 1939, Patricia, the daughter of the well-digger Pascal Amoretti, finds herself pregnant with Jacques Mazel, a young airman, son of a good family. He is mobilized and his parents refuse to recognize the child. Amoretti chases his daughter out of the house. Jacques Mazel is reported missing and then the armistice comes and the Mazels awkwardly try to reconnect with Amoretti in the hope of finding some of their son in the child they have so basely rejected.

What is the focus of this film? Family, water!

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