Spring wellness activities in the Luberon

In spring, nature reveals itself and peacefully awakens, transforming the gentle Provençal countryside into flamboyantly coloured landscapes.

Page updated on 29/08/2023

Fruit trees adorn themselves with their most beautiful flowers, poppies make their appearance and cover the panoramas with their bright red...
This is your chance to switch off, relax and get away from it all. Switch to slow mode and enjoy moments of wellbeing and relaxation in the heart of an unspoilt region!

Aim for disconnection!

Have you thought about yoga?
Try yoga and let yourself go. In the Luberon, you'll have the chance to take yoga classes both indoors and outdoors, in the heart of nature. Learn to connect your body and calm your mind. Breathe, forget your worries and reduce your stress!
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Relax at the spa

Continue this moment of tranquillity in the heart of a refined space dedicated to care and relaxation. It's so important to think about yourself and recharge your batteries! What do you think?
As the ultimate destination for rejuvenation, take a moment to unwind with a massage and relaxation in one of our spas. Activate cocooning mode!

Well-being and gastronomy

Eating well is a way of life in the Luberon, and the gastronomic experience offered by Nadia Sammut is a unique discovery. Close your eyes and imagine a bubble where harmony reigns in everything: in your body, in your mind and on your plate. Nadia composes her notes using plant and marine ingredients. A rare symphony that evolves over the weeks and months with the vegetable gardens, the harvests and the fishing. Committed to local farming, she offers creative cuisine that respects the local environment and constantly reflects on the need for balance and accuracy. Let yourself be carried away for a holiday with a taste of happiness... Let go during a mindful walk and forest bath to discover the Luberon. With your mind satiated, it's time to nourish your body: cookery classes, brunches, lunches and dinners are combined with relaxation practices combining holistic treatments, meditation and yoga...

Walk, stroll, hike, cycle: BREATHE!

Taking care of yourself also means clearing your mind. So what would you say to combining nature and birdsong in the early hours of the morning to discover the treasures of our region? Go for a walk! Head for the botanical trail at Lagnes or Les Beaumettes: a haven of peace where nature and well-being come together. Welcome to the heart of landscapes that will do your heart good. All you have to do is open your eyes and you'll be greeted by the sumptuous panoramas of nature and its many shades of colour.
Yes, the Luberon promises to provide you with some wonderful moments of calm and serenity.
You can also cycle around the Luberon and discover the region in a whole new way. The Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon offers a range of itineraries to suit all levels! Experienced cyclists and beginners alike can enjoy the destination to the full. The Park's aim is to promote tourism based on discovery and slow tourism.

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