Walk around Fontaine de Vaucluse

In the heart of the village of Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, lies one of the most mysterious resurgence in the world. Discover countryside landscapes, an aqueduct overlooking the river, a place with incredible color palette from the deep grey of the limestone cliffs to the emerald blue of the Sorgue.

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Surrounding fauna

Among the avifauna that lives around the emerald waters of the Sorgue, we find the bergeronnettes of the streams and the greys, often called the lavender women in Provence. They come to midge over the river, their prey is often ephemeral, small aquatic insects.

Sheepweed of the Streeks

Bergeronnette des Ruisseaux

The Kingfisher is often heard before seeing it, with its sharp singing, and appearing at the bend of the river, like a blue arrow. Dressed in ultramarine blue, turquoise and red belly, he will come to sit on a weeping willow branch to taste his fish.


Country flora around Fontaine de Vaucluse

The spontaneous Mediterranean flora always offers us surprises in the summer. The color palette of the flowers brings a little sweetness under the bite of the Mistral and the fiery sun of Provence.

In the fields and along the paths, we observe the first scabious parma corolla (photo below), the bright mallows, mingling with the blue of wild lettuce and chicory flowers.

The yellow floral stem of the broth-white mullein harmonizes with yellow flax and wild golden oats.

Parma corolla scabious

Parma corolla scabious

Aqueduct and canal of Carpentras

It is the front door of Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, you can not miss it. The aqueduct bridge of Galas, and one of the must-see of the village. It is just as impressive from below as from above, from where it will offer you a breathtaking view of the Sorgue River and the Monts de Vaucluse.

Pont-aqueduc de Galas

The Galas aqueduct bridge was built between 1854 and 1857, with the aim of allowing the Carpentras Canal to cross the Sorgue. Its 13 semicircular arches, 159 meters long, and 24 meters high make it the most important realization of the Carpentras Canal.

It is on the outskirts of the village of Mérindol that the irrigation canal known as Carpentras originates. The latter makes it possible to feed the plain of the Comtat, and then flow into the Ouvèze.

Carpentras Canal

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