Edouard Loubet tells us about Provencal cuisine

We were able to meet the double-starred chef, Edouard Loubet for an exclusive interview in which he confided in us. He told us about his love of Provencal cuisine, his ambitions for opening up and his prospects for the future.

Le Plateau des Claparèdes, Chemin des Cabanes , 84480, Bonnieux

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In his restaurant at the Bastide de Capelongue, the starred chef invites us to the awakening of the senses.

The view in the first place, discovering this exceptional panorama of Bonnieux, the Luberon and the landscape park of the Domaine. Touch it then, settling in the restaurant with its patinated furniture and soft linen.

Serenity and art of living are the keywords of this prestigious house.

The interview with the chief:

How do you contribute to the evolution of Provencal cuisine, what are your challenges?

For me, the cuisine must be fresh and cheerful nowadays, always with a subtle search of flavors and purely Provençal colours! I'm relying on the concept of 'feast'! I search for each of my dishes, each of my sauces, the flavor, the little taste of 'Come back there' to my greatest joy and for the joy of my guests!!!

My challenge is to defend Provençal cuisine entirely so that it is recognized as a cuisine in its own right and not assimilated to Southern cuisine...

Do you make cuisine linked solely to the local terroir or are you inspired by international influences?

I can follow international influences if the product concerned is grown locally, for example saffron, red beans, chickpeas...

A dish of asparagus traditionally accompanied by a Dutch sauce will be served at my home with a cream tour. savory: this sauce, very light, with a little acidulate/macerated taste goes so well with the very sweet taste of asparagus...

The recipe of the chef:

Apricot extra wall, Poele a? Verbena and coulis / Hot pastry glazed with Vanilla Sugar / Souvenir des Pies Bourdalou

Ingredients for 4 people:

For apricot poelee: 100g apricot juice - 4 cl white wine - 20g sugar - 3 leaves of fresh verbena - 20 g butter -

4 extra wall apricots / For apricot juice: 1/4 liter apricot juice - 1cc potato starch - 20g sugar / For crispy puff pastry: 1/2 plate of flaking - 50g of icing sugar - 1 pod of vanilla


For apricot poelee: cut the apricots in half, remove the cores. Put a pole to heat with butter. Sauté apricot. Add sugar and verbena leaves, lightly caramelize and deglaze with white wine. Reduce slightly and set aside warm

For apricot juice: boil apricot juice with sugar and bind with potato starch previously relaxed with water. Cook for 2 minutes over low heat then set aside in the cool.

For caramelized laminates: bake the laminate, pre-stir, between 2 plates with parchment paper in a 250° oven for 2 minutes, then lower the oven to 180° and bake for 8 min. At the exit of the oven detail rectangle 10 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. Strain the vanilla and mix it with the icing sugar. Sprinkle the puff rectangles with icing sugar and caramelize in the oven. Allow to cool and then renew the operation in order to caramelize the water. the other side.

Dressing and finishing: on a flat plate make a beautiful comma of apricot coulis. Place a leafy rectangle in the center, garnish generously with poelate apricot. Place on top of another caramelized leaf rectangle. Decorate the plate with a branch of verbena.


Edouard Loubet opens his kitchen to enthusiasts curious to discover the secrets of a starred chef.

Course with Edouard Loubet's team (except July and August)

Sunday 1st day

Welcome Dinner

Drinks included

Monday 2nd day

Cooking class

Harvesting wild herbs from Luberon: natural essences and edible flowers. Meats from our regions: cooking and presentation of the different pieces The fish of Provence and sauces: choose the fish and accommodate the sauces. Seasonal vegetables: origin, preparation, cooking, seasoning

Edouard Loubet Classic Lunch & Drinks Included

Tuesday 3rd day

Cooking class (matin)

Treats and entremets

Desserts with flavors of infused plants

The art of bread, cereals of yesteryear, spelt, millet

Edouard Loubet Classic Dinner & Drinks Included

Wednesday 4th day

Country picnic included

The wines of the Luberon: Tasting with the Sommelier at our Friends Vignerons

Rates from:

645€per person in a double room

565€per non-participant companion

390€extra single room

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