Me? Chef? Learn how to cook with a chef

Macaroon, tapenade, melon granite or ratatouille, lamb in crust or asparagus aspic... Cooking with a chef from the Luberon to bring back from his stay a unique souvenir and a recipe to share...

Page updated on 24/02/2020

These specialists in taste, cooking dishes, crunchy appetizers or extravagant desserts compete with ideas to welcome you.

Good mood and friendliness...

Such an experience is done under the sign of good mood and friendliness. It all starts around a welcome with a good coffee to get acquainted. Then either you go with the chef to make the market or this one reveals the ingredients he himself went to buy before your big day. You put on your apron, you take in hand professional kitchen tools and step by step you cook your little dishes. Guided by a hand and a master timing you have prepared an excellent meal in 2 to 3 hours of cooking.

And finally:

The student meal shared with the chef. And here you look at each component of the dish with a different look, each of your morning gestures takes on a very specific meaning. And you really enjoy it!

Where to take classes?

Maison Prévôt

Cavaillon - 04 90 71 32 43

Le Mas des Grès

Lagnes - 04 90 20 32 85

L'Atelier l'Art des Mets

Les Taillades - 04 90 72 37 55

La Cuisine d'Edith

Lourmarin - 06 62 49 15 55

Jean-Marc Villard

Maubec - 06 03 58 30 34

Gerald Konings

Gordes - 06 11 39 02 46

Eric Jourdan

Cavaillon - 06 80 31 00 47

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