We guide you in the heart of the Luberon - Philippe Gourdin, Mountain Leader

"What I appreciate most about my job is first of all being able to do it in the open air, in outside, in contact with nature." We take you on the trails of the Luberon alongside Philippe Gourdin, passionate mountain leader.

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Focus on the activity of Mountain Leader

"For me, everything is in the term "guide". We are in a way the interface between the public and nature, we allow to (re) discover nature, to make understand, to divulge, to remind elements and basic notions related to this environment which surrounds us. The dimension of physical exercise, moderate or more intense, is also important. I link this with sharing, an essential notion. Nothing is more beautiful than being able to feel that the people who accompany you on an outing experience the same emotion when faced with the beauties of nature."

"I practice my activity as a guide all year round, it is my main activity. With my colleagues Jessy Juillard and Olivier Léonard, we have created a guide office, Horizons Luberon, whose goal is to work mainly locally in the Luberon region, but also occasionally in the surrounding Provencal massifs. I also work in partnership with the travel agency Chemins du sud based in Pertuis, on itinerant tours in the south of France and in Italy mainly."

"Our itineraries take into account the emblematic sites of the Luberon region of course, but they are above all inspired by what attracts us and fascinates us, so that we can share them with the people we accompany. We have a wide range of pre-established outings, but we often respond to a specific request from a client or a group."

The attractions of the Luberon, in the eyes of the guide

"Beyond the massif, geographically speaking, it is a region that brings together many attractive elements: a climate conducive to outdoor activities throughout the year, an architectural heritage and an exceptional historical past, very diverse natural landscapes, renowned agricultural land of varied and quality products, ... Our activity as a mountain guide allows us to make the link between all these dimensions.

"We have a very wide range and choice of possibilities for walks, which allows us to vary the outings and discoveries, on the north side as well as the south side. Tourists find here something to feed themselves with emotions and sensations, on several levels."

The experience, in 10 years of practice...

"I'm starting to collect a lot of great memories and experiences. I have in mind a sunrise hike on the Ventoux a few years ago. We left at night, with the headlamp, with a small group of 8 people, from the Mont Serein station, on the north side. It was the beginning of May, and the weather forecast predicted a strong mistral wind at the summit. We arrived in the dark shortly before sunrise, and the conditions at the summit proved to be quite harsh, with very strong gusts of wind and cold temperatures. Despite the thermos of hot tea, clothes and blankets, it was really difficult to appreciate the beauty of the landscape around us, the swirling wind left few places sheltered enough to stay calm. The whole time spent there turned out to be a battle against the elements, a real washing machine and a shaking of the bodies and minds! As soon as the sun came up, we headed back down to the resort for a much appreciated warm breakfast! All the conversations that morning revolved around the sensations felt up there. People were hallucinating. This plunge into the mountain world, with windy conditions that were quite Dantesque, had marked them to the highest point. The sunrise, the goal of the hike, had been rushed due to the conditions, but it didn't matter, the essential was elsewhere, in the experience of extraordinary sensations and emotions for them, in the first sense of not ordinary, not usual, not known. They all thanked me for this unusual and new adventure for them.

Rather than talking about a "hike", we prefer to talk about a "discovery walk".

"Hiking is often perceived by some of the tourists who come to the Luberon as a rather ungrateful or even painful activity, during which one will inevitably suffer a little because of the backpack, the big shoes, the stony paths, the heat, etc... With my colleagues of Horizons Luberon, we try to break this sometimes unpleasant image. Rather than talking about "hiking", we often prefer to talk about "discovery walks". One can see beautiful things and feel beautiful emotions, without having to go through an 8 hours walk and 1000m of difference in altitude! We address and adapt to all publics (children, family, individuals, sportsmen, hiking club,...), we propose half-day, full-day or even multi-day trips, and the sensations are always there, whatever the chosen formula.

"Choosing to hire a guide, beyond the safety notions inherent to hiking in a natural environment, means wanting to give an added value to your outing, your walk, your hike. It means trusting someone who will share his knowledge of the region, anecdotes, local stories, his passion for the territory in which he lives on a daily basis. This choice is accessible to everyone, and especially not to a particular category. Everyone is welcome!"

Mountain Leader - State Diploma - 2011
Native of Vaucluse - Mérindol
le.baruleur@hotmail.fr - 06 78 93 55 81

contact@horizonsluberon.fr - 06 60 75 30 16

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