Plants and flowers of our hills

Spring is here and brings with it beautiful flowers and wild plants that color our trails. But by the way, do you know how to recognize them? Here are a few examples.

Page updated on 28/09/2020

Almond trees

The almond tree flowers are among the first to bloom before the end of winter, and stand alongside the olive tree as an emblematic tree all over the Mediterranean, where it has been cultivated for 5000 years. The abundant white-rosé bloom of the almond trees is one of the very first shows of Mediterranean nature in March.

Flowers d

Far from the coast, the Mediterranean spontaneous flora explodes in the plain and around the woods at the beginning of April. The first strongest ones will be violets, wild orchids, like Robert's Barlia, ophrys bees, followed by muscaris with their small purple bells, and in the garrigues, thyme will adorn themselves with thousands of tiny fragrant flowers that will titillate your nostrils.

Muscari with toupet

Muscari with toupet et Euphorbe dentée

Thyme in bloom

Thyme in bloom

But the surprise does not end there, a carnival of wildflowers will strengthen all these flowers in the month of April. Other colors will explode like the red poppy, the purple lilac, the white stars of La Dame de Onze Heures, the purple of Valerian, this flora will never cease to amaze you and embalm fields, paths and walls of rock gardens


Papillon sur  valérianne

Eleven o

Eleven o'clock Lady Flowers

Eleven o

Fleurs de Dames de onze heures

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