Butterflies and other Provencal insects in our fields

It comes to life, it's a real frenzy in our countryside, our bushy wastelands and scrublands. What a chance to see butterflies flying around you!

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To photograph them you have to be patient and wait until the sun warms these wonders, and especially that there is no wind. But it's a pleasure to discover these species with multiple colors and shapes.

The small Azuré du Clover common in the midday in the meadows and dry lawns. He often bums his pre-regenerated flower on the medicinal clover.

Azuré du Clover

Azuré du Clover

Female of l

Female of l'Azuré du Méllilot

The common Copper also butterflies with flowers in bloom to sip with its trunk the delicious nectar at the bottom of the corolla of wild geraniums.

Common Copper

Common Copper (Lycaena Phlaeas)

Wild Geranium

Wild Geranium

Lycaena Phlaeas

Common Coppere (Lycaena Phlaeas) © Pixabay Erik_Karits

The King Butterfly among the greatest: The Flambé, which hovers across the fields, and arises only when the danger is far away and forages as it pleases.

The Flambé

The Flambé

The Moro sphinx or Sphinx hummingbird , which strangely buds flowers by making on-the-spot like the smallest birds in the world, hummingbirds. In Provence it is called the Good News, it is a harbinger of spring to the end of winter.

Moro Sphinx
Moro Sphinx © Pixabay gayulo

Moro Sphinx

Moro Sphinx © Pixabay MBu

Other pollinating insects the golden ketoins, reminiscent of Egyptian golden beetles, love to delight in nectar of elder flowers by the water.

Golden ketoins

Golden ketoins

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