Truffles - Severine Viltet

Séverine Viltet, a truffle grower in Gordes, offers a range of options for learning all about truffles: cavage, lectures and tastings.

734 chemin du Tourteron, 84220, Gordes

Page updated on 05/01/2024

Truffes - Gordes

Truffes - Gordes

When you visit our estate, we invite you to take part in an exceptional experience to discover truffles, the black gold of gastronomy. Our cavage session, lecture and gourmet discovery will plunge you into the fascinating world of truffles, from cultivation to tasting.

Here's what you can expect during this unique experience:

1- Welcome snack

2- Conference and debate on :
- Truffles: their history, cultivation and varieties
- Culinary advice on how to make the most of the truffle's flavour and aroma (the truffle grower's father has written a book on the subject)
- Dog training

During this conference, you will learn more about the truffle, its history, its cultivation and its different varieties. You'll also get invaluable advice on how to enhance the taste and aroma of truffles in your dishes. What's more, you'll discover the secrets of training a truffle dog, an essential part of the search for truffles.

3- Searching for truffles (cavage) with a dog: also known as cavage, you will have the chance to accompany a truffle dog into the forest in search of this precious mushroom. You'll be amazed by the dog's ability to locate the truffles hidden underground.

4- Tasting: After picking fresh truffles, you'll have the chance to taste them. The menu includes a mini truffle omelette and four toasts made with real truffles, with no artificial flavourings added. This tasting will be accompanied by two glasses of wine or fruit juice and a coffee.

Come and share our passion for truffles and experience unforgettable moments at the heart of our truffle estate.

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Opening times and periods

From 01/01 to 31/12, daily.


Cavage and conference package :
From €150 to €300

Cavage and conference session :
1 to 10 people = €150 inc.
For more than 10 people, an additional €10 per person including tax.

Cavage session, conference and gourmet discovery:
1 to 10 people = €300 inc.
For more than 10 people, an additional €18 per person, incl. VAT.
Groups of up to 25 people.





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Payment method

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