The Via Ferrata of Cavaillon

Halfway between climbing and hiking, two loops will allow you to discover the natural environment of the hill of Saint Jacques from a new angle. Discover these two nature trails in the town centre!

Colline Saint Jacques, 84300, Cavaillon

Page updated on 03/04/2024

Since 1 June 2013, Cavaillon has been offering a Via Ferrata, directly accessible on foot in a few minutes from the town centre. It offers a breathtaking view of the Ventoux, the Monts de Vaucluse, the Luberon, the Durance valley and the Alpilles. The itinerary is made up of 2 loops that cross each other in the shape of an 8 (with 2 escape routes) equipped with a lifeline, a steel cable that allows participants to attach themselves and secure themselves against the risks of falling, and various apparatus.

Via Ferrata - Cavaillon

Via Ferrata - Cavaillon

Access to the Via Ferrata

20 minutes on foot from the Tourist Office (via the César de Bus rise, stairs to the right of the Tourist Office). Open all year round (except for special weather recommendations). Access is free (if you have your own equipment). Accompaniment and equipment hire, see end of article.

The two loops

"Via Natura" loop Discovery itinerary

A first family section called "Via Natura", reserved for those taller than 1m30, allows the discovery of the activity, the life of the cliffs from observation and interpretation terraces of the fauna, flora and heritage. In addition to the playful and sporty approach, these platforms integrated in the heart of hanging gardens give rhythm and animation to the course to make it an innovative tourist and discovery product, between sport and culture.
From the top of the walls, you can enjoy magnificent views of Cavaillon, the Luberon, the Monts de Vaucluse and up to the Mont Ventoux.

Via Ferrata - Cavaillon

Information and characteristics for a safe discovery:

  • Reserved for people over 1.30m
  • Rock : Limestone
  • Exposure : South-East
  • Height of the cliff : 50m
  • Length of the itinerary : 250m
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Level of difficulty: AD
  • Escape route: 1
    Apparatus: Nepalese bridge, rungs, beams, cave bridges, walkways and interpretive decks.

"Via Souterrata" loop Sporting itinerary

A second, more athletic part called "Via Souterrata", reserved for those over 1.50m tall, with an athletic dimension due to its geological characteristics and its sensational apparatus, crosses the caves of Colombier before crossing the Beaumes de Combarelles by spectacular equipment. This original, playful and educational trail (with signposting for the interpretation of the fauna, flora and heritage) offers an innovative approach to the landscape and the very particular relief of the cliffs of the hill, to better understand its functioning and its evolution.
It also owes its originality to the 2 caves that it is possible to cross on the way back by crawling in a 'speleology' way.

Information and characteristics for a safe discovery:

  • Reserved for people over 1.50m
  • Exposure : East
  • Rock : Limestone
  • Height of the cliff : 30m
  • Length of the route : 350m
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Level of difficulty: TD
  • Escape route: 1
  • Apparatus: cave bridges, cave ladder, monkey bridges, vertical passages, underground tubes and interpretation terraces.

Via Ferrata - Cavaillon

Via Ferrata - Cavaillon

Via Ferrata - Cavaillon

Difficulty Levels

Each via ferrata has its own difficulty rating.

  • F: Easy
  • PD: not difficult
  • AD: quite difficult
  • D: difficult
  • TD: very difficult
  • ED: extremely difficult

These ratings are sometimes followed by a + or a - to clarify the difficulty. The via ferrata listed F and PD represent relatively modest difficulties, allowing access to all, even young children. The via ferrata listed AD and D, are a bit more technical routes but are still accessible for discovery. The via ferrata listed TD and ED already require a good resistance to effort and a certain strength.

Essential equipment

Harness or harness, helmet, Y lanyard with shock absorber and "K" type carabiners. Suitable footwear and mittens. Bring: water, food, cap, sunglasses, backpack.

We recommend, especially for beginners and newcomers, to be supervised by a professional or an instructor for a safe experience.

Equipment Renters

AB Cycles Outdoor

176, Place François Tourel, Cavaillon - 00 33 (0)4 90 74 30 12 / 00 33 (0)6 81 24 72 73

Opening times - 7 days a week - From 1st April to 30th September
Monday 9am-12pm / 2pm-6.30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.30am-12pm / 2pm-6.30pm
Friday 9am-12pm / 2pm-8pm
Saturday 8.30am-12pm/14pm-18pm
Sunday 9am-12pm / 2pm-6pm.


166, cours Léon Gambetta, Cavaillon - 00 33 (0)4 90 71 72 48 / 00 33 (0)6 07 42 21 91

Opening times from March to the end of October
Monday to Saturday: 9am-12pm / 2pm-7pm
Collection of equipment until 4pm
Closed on Sunday

Equipment rental rate: 15€ per person

The guides/monitors

David Malbos : 00 33 (0)6 70 17 36 26 -
Lorraine Lenoir 00 33 (0)6 86 27 10 27 -
Franck Gaudini 00 33 (0)6 66 20 80 36 -
Harald Morath 00 33 (0)6 63 89 05 16 -

Accompanying fee: 35€ / 50€ per person including material.

Via Ferrata - Cavaillon

Le Topo

Find all the information on the Via Ferrata in Cavaillon in the topo-guide on sale at the Tourist Office. For climbing enthusiasts, the 276 climbing routes around the Colline Saint-Jacques are also presented.

Topo - Cavaillon

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Practical information on The Via Ferrata of Cavaillon

Opening times and periods

All year round.


Free access.