Atelier des Cendres

I have been working in stoneware since 1990, a choice that was prompted by meetings with ceramists working in this technique and seduced by the beauty of the glazes.

24 Rue Sainte Cécile, 84580, Oppède

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My pieces are turned or made on a plate. After drying, the pottery is fired for the first time at 1020°, the firing takes between 8 and 10 hours.
Now it is time to glaze them!
For the glazes, I use minerals such as feldspar, kaolin, chalk, talc, silica, metal oxides (iron, cobalt, tin, chrome).
For some pieces, I introduce ashes such as lavender or olive pits. I mix these compositions with water and I obtain a more or less liquid yoghurt consistency (with the iron oxide, it looks like hot chocolate!!!), I can dip, spray, paint with a brush or a spray gun, all means are good!

Atelier des cendres - Oppede

The pieces are then fired.
I carry out my firings in a neutral or reducing atmosphere in a 1/3 m3 gas kiln or in my new 2/3 m3 refractory brick gas kiln.
14 to 16 hours of firing to reach the temperature of 1320° and 1 to 2 days of cooling afterwards, it is the moment to discover the finality of one's own work and which pottery(ies) will have their most beautiful dresses!
My research has often led me to deep blue glazes or a combination of different glazes, Polynesian lagoon landscapes which are particularly dear to my heart.
My inspirations come from my view of nature.

Atelier des cendres - Oppede

Atelier des cendres - Oppede

Atelier des cendres - Oppede

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Atelier des Cendres
Atelier des Cendres
Atelier des Cendres
Atelier des Cendres
Atelier des Cendres

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