Le Miel Peyron

Welcome to the "Le Miel Peyron" shop in Gordes, where you'll find products from the beehive, artisanal products, olive oil, cosmetics and souvenirs.

2 place Genty Pantaly, 84220, Gordes

Page updated on 03/01/2024

Founded in 1986 by Georges Peyron, a passionate beekeeper, Le Miel Peyron is now run by his son, Marc Peyron, also an expert beekeeper. Thanks to this family history, the shop has become a must for all lovers of authentic regional products, right in the heart of the village of Gordes in Provence.

In the shop you'll find a variety of products from the beehives: a range of tasty honeys including lavender honey, rosemary honey, oak honey, flower honey and many more.

You'll also find a wide range of regional products: a selection of olive oils, regional spirits, natural cosmetics and unique souvenirs.

You can order online via the website: https://le-miel-peyron.com/MIEL_PEYRON_WEB/FR/le-miel-peyron.awp

Discover our full range of products and have them delivered to your home, wherever you are.

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