Maison Yves Thuriès, chocolate producer

Recently installed on Cours Bournissac in Cavaillon, franchisee Pascal Beillimaz opened the doors of his boutique "la Maison Yves Thuriès Chocolatier-récoltant" to us.

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Pascal Beillimaz

Thuriès know-how

Since 1991, Monsieur Thuriès, twice named Best Worker in France, has been passing on his expertise to his chocolate-makers. To guarantee the impeccable quality of his products, he attaches great importance to selecting the best raw materials.

Assembling, moulding, decorating - it's all a question of technique, which only the House's chocolatiers have mastered. Thuriès has its own cocoa plantation in San Fernando, Ecuador, in the Guayaquil region. The plantation is certified with the "Rainforest" label, which meets environmental and social requirements aimed at protecting nature and improving the lives of farmers. The company also has its own hazelnut plantation (plantation Baleyssagues) in the Lot-et-Garonne region.

The cocoa pods are dried in Ecuador and returned to France in Alsace, where they are transformed into chocolates before being brought back to the Chocolaterie in Marssac-sur-Tarn. All the chocolates are handmade by the 15 chocolatiers on site.

Chocolates from Maison Thuriès

PB : "We have a great range of chocolates: 25 loose chocolates that we break down into bags according to weight and requirements. These chocolates are also available in ballotin form. You can find a pretty box from 20-22 euros.

The strength of Maison Thuriès lies in its mini hazelnut praline rochers. Our taste buds go wild for them! We also have half-macaroons with Montélimar nougat cream, coconut, black caramel fleur de sel and raspberry. We have a range of dark, milk and hazelnut chocolate bars, chocolate bars, chocolate lollies, spreads, fruit jellies and, of course, a special range just in time for Easter! The best way to discover all these delicious Maison Thuriès products is to come into the shop!

Other delicacies...

PB : "I've decided to introduce a range of Saint-Rémy confit sweets. If you come and visit me, I can also offer you Cavaillon melon calissons made in Aix-en-Provence, and melon jam (...).

"I really like the Luberon".

PB : "I got in touch with Maison Thuriès, we got on very well and I came to set up in Cavaillon to sell their excellent products in December 2022. There's room for everyone here. We feel at home in the Luberon. What do I like about the Luberon? Or rather what I don't like! I've been welcomed with open arms, we're surrounded by a good company of shopkeepers with whom I have a lot of contact. It's a great place to live. This is the region of my dreams and my heart!

A final word...

PB : "Don't hesitate to come and see me. I'm here to accompany you and advise you on your choices. Put together your own gift boxes, tins or ballotins and come and find out more about Maison Thuriès!"

254 Cours Bournissac 
Téléphone : 09 50 36 61 60

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Chocolats Maison Thuriès
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