Salon de thé - Boutique Ladurée

Settle down for a moment of escape and sharing on the shady terrace of the Ladurée Boutique - Salon de Thé, right in the heart of the magnificent village of Gordes.

68 place du Château, 84220, Gordes

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Ladurée - Gordes

Ladurée - Gordes

The House of Ladurée, founded in 1862 by Louis Ernest Ladurée, has spanned more than a century and a half to establish itself as an iconic institution of French patisserie, admired both nationally and internationally. Over 160 years, this prestigious house has preserved the essence of French elegance and refinement, while reinventing itself to stay at the heart of trends.

Ladurée is famous not only for its macaroons, veritable jewels of pastry-making that have conquered the world with their finesse and infinite range of flavours, but also for its tea rooms. These tea rooms, the forerunners of a concept now firmly rooted in French tradition, offer an immersive experience where tasting blends with the French art of living. The décor has been thought through down to the smallest detail, with the brand's signature pastel tones combining with delicate marble to create a soft, luxurious ambience. The furniture and silverware, specially designed for Ladurée, add a touch of authenticity and prestige.

The Provençal influence is also felt in the décor, with the subtle integration of terracotta floor tiles and Calacatta Gold cabochons bringing a unique warmth and texture to the spaces. The ceilings, adorned with planks and troughs, complete the atmosphere, adding a rustic yet sophisticated dimension.

Ladurée invites you to enjoy moments of pure escape, whether for a sunny breakfast or a refreshing tea-time on its shaded terrace, offering a majestic view of the Château de Gordes.

Ladurée - Gordes

Ladurée - Gordes

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Salon de Thé - Boutique Ladurée
Salon de Thé - Boutique Ladurée
Salon de Thé - Boutique Ladurée
Salon de Thé - Boutique Ladurée
Salon de Thé - Boutique Ladurée

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Opening times and periods

From 01/05 to 31/10. Shop from 8am to 8pm Restaurant - Tearoom from 8.30am to 9pm.


About 15€.



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Free WiFi access Pets welcome Wi-fi