Sankalpa - Retraite Holistique

At Sankalpa Ressourcement, a holistic retreat offers a unique, immersive experience of re-connecting with yourself, in the heart of the green Luberon. This new form of healthy, sustainable, top-of-the-range hospitality can be enjoyed independently or with personalised support.

550 Chemin de l'Escudier, 84360, Lauris

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Sankalpa, retreat centre & holistic support

A special place to reconnect with yourself. It promises to bring about an inner transformation, thanks to a very calm and vibrant setting, conducive to regeneration and a holistic approach to our relationship with our habitat.

The intimate atmosphere of our holistic retreats creates a favourable environment for your regeneration, in this bubble of being. Sankalpa encourages positive thinking, sharing and harmony, and stimulates inner renewal.

Here, the intention is to find yourself again, in a safe and transformative setting that makes it easier for you to get through the moment:

Solo immersion with 5 days of personalised support.
A 5-day solo, duo or couple residence,
A 3-day privatisation for a special event, with friends or business colleagues.

These three offers provide a moment of fluidity conducive to connection, inspiration and the creation of new perspectives on life.

This unique new form of 'Adult Only' hospitality is a journey that will touch you intimately, in a place open to personal knowledge. It combines a holistic approach with sustainable, ecological accommodation. Each self-contained space preserves your privacy and offers moments of sharing between guests.



The guest areas are located in the main farmhouse, with a separate entrance. They have been eco-designed and crafted using noble, breathable materials such as stone, wood, lime and hemp.
Each one opens onto the shady grounds, and the magnificent old stone swimming pool is a great place to cool off in summer.

The wooden dojo adjoining the mas allows you to stay close to nature, while being protected from the sun, the mistral or chilly mornings and evenings. It's the ideal place for breakfast, meditation, contemplation, a yoga ritual, a meeting or dinner.

Practices, rituals, 'made-to-measure' treatments and holistic transmissions based on highly topical and powerful themes are offered as personalised accompaniment or as additional à la carte services, on request. They are an excellent complement to your stay.

Breakfast is offered in the form of a natural and vegetarian basket, prepared each morning with care.






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Sankalpa Retraite Holistique
Sankalpa Retraite holistique Dojo
Sankalpa Retraite holistique Jardin
Sankalpa Retraite Holistique Hébergement Durable
Sankalpa Retraite Holistique Hébergement Durable

Practical information on Sankalpa - Retraite Holistique

Opening times and periods

From 01/02 to 20/12, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Free 5-day residence from 2375 Euros Private residence, on quotation.






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