Atelier de cuisine avec L'Atelier... L'Art des mets

Wanderlust picking and bush cooking... Recognising wild plants in nature, a cooking demonstration with a recipe for transforming the plants into a dish, and a tasting lunch.

500 Route de Robion, 84300, Taillades

Page updated on 19/12/2023

Atelier l'Art des Mets - Les Taillades

Atelier l'Art des Mets - Les Taillades

Romain will meet you at 9am at the picking site to show you the wild plants that are cooked: observation, identification and respectful picking.
Back at the restaurant, meet Peggy for a convivial break with a drink and a sweet. She'll give you recipes and information about the plants you've picked.
Then it's time to cook! Romain will show you how to prepare delicious dishes with these herbs.
Finally, share a meal together, enjoying the dishes you've created. It's a moment of relaxation and culinary pleasure.

Number of participants: 10 pers.
Price: €55/person Drinks not included

A deposit of €20 is required to secure your reservation for a workshop. If you cancel during the 10 days prior to the workshop, this deposit will not be refunded.
In the event of bad weather, the workshop will still take place. Romain will take care of the picking the day before and will offer you the opportunity to recognise the plants in your basket or to organise an activity based on a particular theme.

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Opening times and periods

From 01/01 to 31/12. Closed on Sunday.


One price: 55 €. Drinks not included.



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