Welcome to the Maison du Gibassier

Have you ever visited the Maison du Gibassier bakery and pastry shop in Lourmarin? If not, we invite you to do so with enthusiasm!

You may be lucky enough to meet Stéphane Riquier, a pastry chef, who is keen to give his customers an unforgettable taste experience...
Destination Luberon Cœur de Provence spoke to Stéphane. This is an opportunity to learn a little more about one of the specialities of the Luberon: Le Gibassier de Lourmarin.

Stéphane, pastry chef since 1990

Stéphane began his career as a pastry chef in 1990 in Saint-Rémy de Provence. At that time, he had never heard of the Gibassier and only knew the famous pompe à huile, a soft and airy brioche, often offered at Christmas time.
It was in 1996 that Stéphane arrived in Lourmarin. After working alongside his father, he was able to build up a good experience as a baker and pastry chef.
There, he discovered the Gibassier... And it is now since 26 years that he takes pleasure in perpetuating the recipe that was passed on to him when he arrived in this "magnificent village of Lourmarin". And what's more... Gibassier is available all year round!

SR: "The reputation and tourist numbers of the village have meant that this shortbread biscuit sells all year round. It has become a must in the village.
Also renowned for his delicious bread in the village, it is with heart that Stéphane works to meet the expectations of his customers.

Particularities of the Gibassier

What differentiates the Gibassier from the pompe à huile is its shortbread dough. It is made from olive oil only and no other flavour! To explain its history, this speciality was made for the memory of the pre-war elders only for the end of year celebrations. Then, it became very popular and the craftsmen who succeeded one another in this bakery made it all year round! Its name comes from the hunters who used to put this Provencal speciality in their "gibecière", the hunters' game bag.
It is important to note that the Gibassier keeps very well for several days.
SR: "Depending on where you go in the region, Gibassier is available in different flavours: with aniseed, orange blossom and other aromas... For my part, in the Gibassier de Lourmarin, we only find French olive oil, nothing else!"

Other delicious products...

SR: "We also make other Provençal specialities such as orange blossom navettes, almond tuiles and a whole host of easy-to-carry travel pastries for tourists and locals... Easy to put in your hiking backpack for example! We have a nice range of pastries and a snacking section. We guarantee a traditional and artisanal production with fresh and quality products". This is the recipe for success as a baker and pastry chef" ;)

What do you appreciate in Lourmarin and in the Luberon ?

SR : "What I appreciate in Lourmarin is the tourist flow that allows us to meet many people from different backgrounds, different cultures. It is so enriching!

Also, as I love hiking with my doggies, I particularly appreciate green spaces where there is peace and quiet. I feel good when I walk in the Luberon, it's really what I appreciate the most! We don't necessarily always have to take the car to enjoy this magnificent space, and that makes me happy!

The final word

SR: "I really invite you to talk to the locals when you are in the Luberon. It's important: you'll learn more, you'll make connections and you'll get a feel for the local life.
You'll find that here in the Luberon, there are things to do all year round... So I will say only one thing: to be consumed without moderation..."

Don't wait any longer and visit Stéphane Riquier who will be delighted to welcome you to his establishment... Pleasure guaranteed!

La Maison du Gibassier 

Avenue du 8 Mai 1945, Lourmarin, 84160, France 

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Bienvenue à la Maison du Gibassier
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