Domaine Val de Combrès

Artisanal production of organic wines. Established in 2013 on 7 hectares, the vineyards are farmed organically and biodynamically, using animal traction.

200 chemin des Bourtouligo, 84660, Maubec

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Nature and tradition for authentic wines

Located in the picturesque village of Maubec in Provence, Domaine Val de Combrès is a 7-hectare estate where wine is a matter of passion and respect for nature. Founded in 2013, this small-scale estate is dedicated to producing organic and natural wines in perfect harmony with its environment. Organic and biodynamic farming methods, complemented by the use of animal traction, underline a strong commitment to sustainable and respectful viticulture.

Val de Combrès wines, which contain no added sulphites, are fermented using indigenous yeasts, giving them an authenticity and a unique expression of the terroir. Each bottle is the fruit of meticulous manual work, where mechanisation gives way to listening and intimate interaction with the soil and the vines, some of which are 40 years old. Grape varieties such as Grenache, Syrah and Carignan are grown here, maturing under the Provencal sun to produce wines that are a pure reflection of this land blessed by nature.

The estate welcomes visitors for tastings (5€ / person) and tours of the vineyard and cellar by appointment, offering an immersive experience at the heart of the winemaker's philosophy. This is a place for sharing, where wine becomes the pretext for encounters and the celebration of simple but precious moments.

Domaine Val de Combrès - Maubec

Domaine Val de Combrès - Maubec

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Domaine Val de Combrès
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Domaine Val de Combrès
Domaine Val de Combrès
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