The truffle, an exceptional local product

It is in the Vaucluse that the cultivation of truffles was born... did you know that? For some years now, it has been THE leading truffle producing department in France, thanks to its Mediterranean climate!

Welcome to the heart of this exceptional product... :) 

Everything you need to know about truffles! 

We would be curious to know who has ever tasted this underground tuber of the mushroom family so appreciated for its perfume... If you don't know, the truffle lives underground and grows... at the foot of some oak trees! For Alain and Véronique, from the Pépinière Moine in Cabrières d'Avignon, "what is important in truffle production is to produce plants with good mycorrhization" (when there is symbiosis between the plant and the fungus). We don't plant truffles but truffle trees!  
Did you know that there are several varieties of truffle? Here, in the Luberon, we find the summer truffle, called "Tuber Aestivum", less rare, less perfumed but less expensive than the famous winter truffle called "Tuber Melanosporum" which has more taste.  

When and how are truffles harvested?  

The winter truffle is harvested between November and March (it is often in January and February that it reaches maturity). The summer truffle is generally harvested from May to August. To collect truffles, you must first find them! The method used is called cavage. It is a practice that consists of searching for truffles using animal scent.

Today, many truffle dogs (i.e. dogs trained to search for truffles) have gradually replaced pigs. "All dogs can do the cavage. It is a question of habit when they are small. A well-trained truffle dog will only reveal mature truffles! The animal digs and lets its master finish the job by picking up the truffle. A real relationship of trust is established between the dog and his master! And of course, we don't forget the reward ;). A very impressive show to discover if you have the opportunity.

Choosing and storing a good truffle  

A good truffle must be firm to be of good quality. It has a very strong aroma. Its flesh must be black and you can identify its fine white veins. But who better to guide you than our truffle growers? Go directly to our truffle growers who will guarantee the quality of their truffles.  
A few tips for conservation from the Pépinière Moine in Cabrières-d'Avignon: "From January onwards, the truffle can be kept for about ten days. At the beginning of the season, they can be kept for only 5 days. To keep it fresh, the best thing is not to wash it, just brush it and then keep it in a box with rice at the bottom to absorb the humidity. 

Time to taste it!  

We give you some ideas for dishes to enjoy melano. A few grams to enhance your dishes... 

To keep things simple, what could be better than a good slice of bread, semi-salted butter, sprinkled with truffle shavings and accompanied by a small salad?  
You can also enjoy truffles in fresh pasta... a real treat! You will also appreciate... the famous BROUILLADE with truffles. By the way, we give you the recipe right here ! 

Where to find truffles in Luberon Cœur de Provence ?  

Pépinière Moine/Les trufières du Luberon (truffle fields of the Moine nursery) in Cabrières-d'Avignon
Speranza farm in Gordes 
Robert Florent in Gordes

The black diamond of the Vaucluse  

A collective brand guaranteeing the quality and freshness of Tuber Melanosporum was created at the end of December 2021: the Black Diamond of the Vaucluse. It brings together 7 committed truffle producers from the Vaucluse. More information on: https://diamantnoirvaucluse.fr/ 

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La truffe, un produit du terroir d’exception
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