Le Colorado de Rustrel

Discover the trails of Colorado, its magnificent sites of many colours, from the brightest yellow to the deepest red, shaped by six generations of ochre makers and iron miners.

D22, 84400, Rustrel

Page updated on 14/02/2023

Colorado de Rustrel

The beauty of the Colorado Provençal lies in the fact that the site was created both by nature and by men: the ochre farmers.
In Rustrel, exploitation began at the end of the 19th century. The ochre workers tore up the earth to extract the precious pigments, giving rise to a thousand colours and fantastically shaped landscapes.

The paths, between communal roads and private properties, cross the narrow valleys, follow the cliffs, the Sahara, the fairy chimneys, ...

From 1 km to 3 km with a difference in altitude ranging from 10 to 150 m, the Colorado is ideal for walking or hiking.
On the site, you will discover the vestiges of the work of the ocriers, settling basins, pipes, pumps, monuments such as the blast furnaces (private site), the chapel of Notre Dame des Anges, and the small coloured river, called the Doa.

The fragile environment must be treated with respect so that future generations can still enjoy its magic.
A map of the paths will be given to you at the Mille Couleurs car park.

Take a look at the artisanal exploitation rehabilitated in 2008, exceptional and unique in Europe. In the company of an ochre maker, you will visit everything from extraction to bagging as well as the geology and history.

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Guided tours of the Colorado de Rustrel (Consult their website to know the schedules and dates of visits).





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