Producers' market in Lauris

What a wonderful farmers' market, with ever more good products, made with passion. Vegetables, fruit, cheese, bread, oil, honey, eggs, wine, plants...

From 02/01 to 24/12, every Thursday.

Page updated on 12/03/2024

Discover local flavours at the Marché Paysan in Lauris

On the site of the mill, go to the Lauris farmers' market on Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm in winter and from 6pm to 8pm in summer!
Meet us on avenue de la gare, on the square in front of the Café Villageois where we share musical and social events (EVS).

Come and meet the producers:
- Bread: Alexis Varnier (Fournil de Cucuron)
- Vegetables: Alexis Mathieu (Cadenet) and Louis Juignier (Lourmarin)
- Fruit: Eve Mader (grapes and juice), Guillaume Jeannet (fruit and juice), Michel ISOUARD (Figs and Apples), Louis JUIGNIER (Strawberries) and Alexis Mathieu (Watermelons)
- Aromatic plants: Clémentine (Les herbes de la mésange bleue - Lauris), Antoine Barreau (Herbal teas and essential oils - Bonnieux)
- Cheese: Sebastien Félix (La ferme du petit Luberon-Lauris)
- Poultry: Helen Legoff (eggs - Lauris)
- Wine: Michel Isouard (Vaugines)
- Honey: Philippe and Elisabeth PERONI (Les ruchers des Mességuières in Lauris)
- Olive oil: Guillaume Jeannet and Antoine Barreau
- Shellfish: Chistophe Cabrera (Mèze, Etang de Thau)
- Nuts: Aurélien Leydet chestnut producer

Marché paysan - Lauris

Marché paysan - Lauris

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Marché Paysan de Lauris
Marché Paysan de Lauris
Marché paysan

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From 02/01 to 24/12, every Thursday.


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