Salle du Moulin Saint Julien

The Salle du Moulin Saint-Julien offers a new cultural and festive venue in the town centre. It thus fits in perfectly with the Action Cœur de Ville project, which aims to revitalise the historic centre of Cavaillon.

288 cours Gambetta, 84300, Cavaillon

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Salle du Moulin Saint Julien - Cavaillon

Salle du Moulin Saint Julien - Cavaillon

A young hall with a rich history

Left fallow for many years, the "Glacières" site is remarkably well located. On one side it overlooks the Cours Gambetta and the town centre, and on the other side the Gambetta car park.

Before it was the Glacières Martin, the current building housed an electric factory, and was previously the site of the Hospices Saint-Julien mill. A long history that goes back to the 12th century, and which is not unrelated to that of the Saint-Julien canal, which made the agricultural wealth of Cavaillon and will continue to flow under the feet of the future spectators of the hall.

It is therefore natural that the municipality wished to give new life to this wasteland in the town centre, while responding to the new needs expressed by companies, associations and the people of Cavaillon: the construction of a multi-purpose hall has been decided.

The Salle du Moulin Julien

The hall welcomes associations and companies for their events. The municipality has also made a point of offering a new cultural programme that is both popular and eclectic.

Jazz, French and international variety concerts, plays, comedies, magic, musicals, entertainment and circus shows follow one another throughout the year. Tickets for these events are available for booking, and the auditorium hosts shows aimed at a wide audience, including the very young, as part of the cultural season. These evenings make a major contribution to the cultural life of our town.

Salle du Moulin Saint Julien - Cavaillon

Cultural programme 2023/24 at the Salle du Moulin Saint Julien


  • Tribute to Sidney Bechet - Jazz concert


  • Les Tableaux d'une exposition - Concert combining classical music and jazz
  • Science festival
  • Mon bestiaire d'Halloween - Tales and mysteries from Provence and Gévaudan


  • Les Sax du Sud
  • Le Grand Orchestre de Poche - Ukulele Clowns


  • Un océan d'amour - BD-Concert
  • Pomme d'Api - Operetta
  • Crocdur The Pirate
  • My first Christmas concert


  • Basilic Swing - Gypsy and Klezmer jazz
  • Pulsar and black holes - Conference


  • Le dîner de cons - Comedy with Anthony Joubert
  • Rehab Amy Winehouse Tribute - Concert
  • Jack Musac - Contemporary music concert

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Salle du Moulin Saint Julien
Salle du Moulin Saint Julien
Salle du Moulin Saint Julien
Salle du Moulin Saint Julien
Salle du Moulin Saint Julien

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From 01/01 to 31/12.