La Gare de Coustellet

La Gare de Coustellet is an essential meeting place for all kinds of audiences: concerts, artist residencies and accompaniment, development of the local amateur scene, multimedia proposals, youth reception and stays, citizen cafés.

105 quai des Entreprises, 84660, Maubec

Page updated on 01/03/2024

La Gare de Coustellet

La Gare de Coustellet

La Gare de Coustellet aims to develop artistic, socio-educational and sporting practices in order to encourage the development and involvement of the inhabitants and to boost local community life and the structuring of the area:
- project support
- artistic, socio-cultural and sporting activities
- the organisation of public events
- continuous professional training
- Networking

The associative project is deployed through two poles of activities: the Current Music pole & the Youth and Family pole.
It is defined as a house for individual or collective projects, a resource centre accessible to all.
La Gare is conceived as a tool for the population, using contemporary music, artistic activities and youth and family activities to promote the development of each individual.

Concerts at La Gare de Coustellet from January to May 2024

La Gare de Coustellet


  • Kunta + Nnawa - World Groove / Hip-Hop


  • Groumpf + Venin Carmin - Alternative / New Wave
  • El Gato Negro + Armelle Ita - Tropical chanson

MARCH 2024

  • Recyclown - Youth show
  • Kim Melville + Silicium - Rock / Garage

APRIL 2024

  • Carte Blanche at Musical'Isle - Amateur Music Scene
  • La Gare Social Club + Elektro Jump Winners - Techno / House
  • Musika Jump - Amateur Musical Tremplin

MAY 2024

  • Mahom + Ashkabad - Dub / Electro - Hors Les Murs Akwaba
  • Sidéro Festival - Dust on Earth + Uncomfortable Knowledge - Metal Festival

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La Gare de Coustellet
La Gare de Coustellet
La Gare de Coustellet

Practical information on La Gare de Coustellet

Opening times and periods

From 01/01 to 31/12.
Public opening :
Wednesday - Thursday - Friday: 10am-1pm / 2pm-6pm
+ on concert evenings.




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