Aroma'Plantes distillery

Your visit starts here! On an exceptional site, unique experiences await you...immersion in the heart of the Lavender fields and a free guided tour of the distillery, free access to the museum areas...

Route du Mont Ventoux, 84390, Sault

Page updated on 11/04/2024

Immerse yourself in the world of Lavender

Discover the secrets of Lavender and let yourself be guided into the heart of the distillery to discover the world of essential oils. Take a free guided tour of the distillery during the harvesting season and learn about the distillation process (French, English).
Duration: approx. 30 minutes

During your visit, explore the diversity of lavender through the Plant Library, the Lavandoscope, the Galerie du Temps and the Sentier des Grandes Terres. Immerse yourself in the captivating history of this plant at the Lavandoscope, where you'll discover its botanical secrets and its many uses. In the Galerie du Temps, let yourself be transported back in time with wax figures from the early 20th century, highlighting the trades and traditions associated with lavender. Finally, for an immersive experience in the heart of nature, take the Sentier des Grandes Terres and climb the rocky slopes to the arid plateau where this emblematic plant thrives.

The more inquisitive can take part in Lavender Outings or go inside our laboratory and take part in our soap workshops.
Be surprised by our range of 100% made-in-Arôma'plantes cosmetics, which you can discover and try out in the distillery's unusual boutique.

The Aromatic'Bar
For those with a sweet tooth, the Aromatic'Bar offers an original menu, 100% organic. Try the Aromatic'diabolos, a shortbread made with Petit Épeautre flour and flavoured with lavender under the hundred-year-old chestnut trees...

The shop
Discover this authentic sales outlet, nestling in the heart of the farm, offering more than 600 100% Arôma'plantes products and cosmetics from our own laboratory with organic and Slow Cosmetics labels at factory prices.

Aroma'Plantes - Sault

Distillerie Aroma'Plantes - Sault

Aroma'plantes discovery workshops

Atelier lavande

In the shoes of a lavender grower

Come and harvest and distil your own lavender. Discover the traditional cultivation of Lavender, guided by the producer. On the programme: the history of lavender, an introduction to cutting with a sickle and a saquette, then distillation of your harvest. Leave with your own bottle of essential oil.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2.30pm from 02 July to 14 August 2024.
Duration: 2h30. For children aged 6 and over.
Bookings required. Min. 6 people, max 18 people.
Adult price: €15/person. Children (6 to 12 years): €11/person.
Activity in French and English.

Atelier savons adulte

Soap workshop

Make your own soap. Come and learn how to create soap in our laboratory, discovering the ancestral method of cold saponification and leave with your own bar of soap.

Tuesdays at 2.30pm, 9 to 30 April, 09 July to 13 August, 22 & 29 October 2024
Duration: 2 hours. Children aged 14 and over accompanied by an adult.
Booking essential. Min. 6 people, max. 12 people.
Price: €18/person.
Activity in French and English.

Atelier apprenti savonnier

The soap-making apprentice

Make your own shower gel. Discover the secrets of soap-making (cold saponification technique and use of organic ingredients) at the heart of our laboratory and leave with your own shower gel.

Thursdays at 2.30pm, from 11 April to 02 May 2023, from 11 July to 08 August and on 24 and 31 October 2024.
Duration: 1 hour. Unaccompanied children aged 8 to 14.
Bookings required. Min. 6 people, max. 12 people.
Price: €11/person.
Activity in French and English.

Ateliers Fuseaux

Spindle workshop (for groups only, booking required)

An ancient and original tradition. Guided through the fields, select and harvest the sprigs of Lavender that will be used to make your spindle and leave with this authentic creation from Provence.

From 08 July to 09 August 2024.
Duration: 2 hours. Price on request.
Workshop reserved for groups.
Workshop open to adults and children.
Activity conducted in French and English.

Some areas are not independently accessible, but we have made great efforts to facilitate access to as many areas as possible for these people: the shop, the Aromatic'bar, the visit to the distillery, the Lavandoscope and the Gallery of Time.

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Aroma plantes
Distillerie Aroma Plantes
Distillerie Aroma Plantes

Practical information on Aroma'Plantes distillery

Opening times and periods

All year round, daily.
Closed exceptionally on January 1st and December 25th.
June 1st to August 31st: 10am-7pm non-stop. September 1 to May 31: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. non-stop.







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