The Citadelle botanical garden

On the heights of the Citadelle estate, the garden has been laid out in terraces over 5 hectares. The view of the Luberon and the vineyards is superb. Equipped with walking shoes, you will discover no less than 400 species of plants during your walk.

601 route de Cavaillon, 84560, Ménerbes

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A journey through plants and flavours

Perched high up in the hills, this unique botanical garden is a veritable hymn to biodiversity. Carefully restored eighteenth-century terraces display plants in large wooden tubs, inviting visitors on an unforgettable sensory and educational journey.

Discover plants by theme

Each terrace reveals a world in its own right: from enchanting aromatic plants to medicinal essences, wild edible specimens and plants with an almost mythical, even magical allure. Some of these plants tell tales of love, of white or black magic, while others, the 'hypocrites', play both sides of the fence, benefactors or traitors depending on the dosage.

A breathtaking panorama

The view from this hanging garden is breathtaking. Your gaze first glides over the picturesque village of Ménerbes, before becoming lost in the immensity of the Monts de Vaucluse, crowned by the majestic Mont Ventoux. An awe-inspiring natural spectacle, adding to the magic of the place.
Access to the garden is by foot only. We advise you to come equipped with shoes suitable for walking, and don't neglect your comfort in the summer sun: hats and water are a must if you want to make the most of this escapade in the heart of nature and heritage.

A complete cultural experience

Your visit would not be complete without a foray into the world of wine and its history. The nearby the Corkscrew Museum boasts a fascinating collection tracing the evolution of this essential utensil for all wine lovers. Extend the pleasure by discovering the Domaine's wines, where tradition and expertise combine to create exceptional vintages.

Le Jardin botanique de la Citadelle - Ménerbes

Le Jardin botanique de la Citadelle - Ménerbes

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Jardin botanique de la Citadelle
Domaine de la Citadelle
Jardin botanique de la Citadelle
Jardin botanique la Citadelle
Jardin botanique de la Citadelle

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