Roman Arch of Cavaillon

Discover Cavaillon's Roman arch, a jewel from the 1st century, a witness to Roman history and a proud vestige of the ancient Cabellio.

Place du Clos, Place du Clos, 84300, Cavaillon

Page updated on 17/11/2023

Arc Romain - Cavaillon

Arc Romain - Cavaillon

A Roman vestige: origins and movements

Cavaillon's Roman Arch, located on the Place du Clos, is a powerful symbol of the town's history under the Pax Romana. Dating from the early 1st century, this monument is the only remaining reminder of the magnificence of the ancient Cabellio.

Originally located in the heart of the ancient city, on the Place de l'Évêché (now Place Philippe de Cabassole), this arch was probably part of a larger complex, possibly serving as the entrance to the Roman forum. In 1879-1880, it was moved to its current location, enabling this heritage to be better preserved and showcased.

The Roman Arch is distinguished by its structure, made up of four piers and two semicircular arches, characteristic of Roman architecture in Narbonne Gaul. Its facades are decorated with bas-reliefs depicting a variety of plant motifs, small animals and figures of Victory. One of the pillars bears a Christian epitaph, highlighting the arch's long history of coexistence with Christian buildings in the region.

A listed historic monument

Listed as a Historic Monument since 1840, Cavaillon's Roman Arch is the town's oldest monument. Its remarkable preservation makes it an ideal destination for lovers of history and architecture. Easily accessible to the public, it offers a window on the region's Roman past and is an essential stop-off point for anyone interested in Provence's cultural heritage.

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