What to do when it rains in the Luberon? Unexpected discoveries and pleasures!

Yes, sometimes it does rain in the Luberon! Don't panic, and find out how every drop of rain offers you an opportunity to discover or rediscover the region in a whole new way!

Even when it's raining, the Luberon has a lot to offer: museums, relaxation, escape games (...). Showers don't hinder adventure, they enrich it. In this article, we explore a variety of exciting activities to do in the Luberon when it rains.

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Visit the art galleries in Lourmarin

A truly picturesque village nestling in the heart of the Luberon, Lourmarin is a destination not to be missed on your next Provencal getaway. As you stroll through its narrow streets, you'll immediately be captivated by its artistic atmosphere. Lovers of art and culture are in for a treat: the art galleries display a wide range of paintings, works of art, contemporary sculptures that defy the imagination, photographs: each with its own character, a range of artistic expressions and styles that are sure to charm art lovers.

Discover the gallery of Catherine Dumas Perrot, a painter who decided to set down her brushes and canvases in Lourmarin after exhibiting in numerous towns and cities in France and abroad. She asserts herself in her art through a freedom in the execution of her canvases, letting go and an instinctive work that combines colours, geometric shapes and movement.

Don't wait any longer, Lourmarin invites you to experience art!

Discover other art galleries in Lourmarin

Visit a museum

Famous for its cultural richness, the Luberon offers a variety of fascinating museums to enrich your knowledge and enhance your rainy day!

The Lavender Museum in Coustellet: discover the history and cultivation of fine lavender on a self-guided tour. This museum offers a unique perspective on the botany, distillation and traditional uses of lavender.

La Royère Olive Oil Museum in Oppède: come and discover this emblematic product of the Mediterranean way of life! From harvesting to production, from ancient presses to modern techniques: the Olive Oil Museum takes you on a journey around the flagship product of Mediterranean cuisine.
A visit punctuated by an original display, based around a museum trail dedicated to production methods, audio guides (French/English) and multimedia presentations.

La Filaventure at Isle sur la Sorgue: plunge into the world of Pierre and Jean-Louis Brun, 7th and 8th generations of Brun de Vian-Tiran. Explore the origins of wool from animals on five continents, a creation inspired by nature. Enjoy a sensory experience as you touch and listen to the sounds of the workshops.

The Corkscrew Museum in Ménerbes: discover the Domaine de la Citadelle's fascinating collection of over 1,200 corkscrews, dating from the 17th century to the present day. Open to the public since 1993, this museum is packed with unique pieces.

When the sky turns cloudy, it's also an opportunity to discover the history and heritage of the Luberon: the Châteaux du Luberon, the Abbaye de Sénanque (...).

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Discover local producers

Set off on a gastronomic adventure! Set off on a tasty journey to discover local producers: olive oil, wine, honey, candied fruit, jams, beers (...). An assortment of local products to delight your taste buds!

Start your journey at one of our oil mills and learn more about how this Provençal green gold is made. Take the opportunity to taste this culinary speciality and delight your taste buds. The producers will share all their know-how with you.

Continue your day with a stopover at a wine estate. Our winemakers will tell you all about the secrets of winemaking in the Luberon and Ventoux appellations, the grape varieties, visit the vineyards and cellars and enjoy a tasting of red, white or rosé wines in the warmth of the cellar! Take a bottle home with you and treat yourself to an impromptu charcuterie and cheese evening: comfort after a rainy day!

The journey continues: head to La Roumanière to discover their delicious home-made jams (raspberries, black cherries, strawberries, apples, thyme, figs, apricots, oranges, etc.), biscuits and honeys (flowers, lavender, lemon, etc.). Tours and workshops are available all year round in the factory shop.

Stop by the Brasserie Lub' in Les Taillades and try a beer brewed in the Luberon! Bérengère and Pierre-Marie are passionate about brewing organic craft beer in accordance with the rules of the art: the selection of malts, hops and spices, the duration of mashing, fermentation temperatures, pressurised bottling and kegging... it's all about a commitment to taste, quality, passion and short supply chains. There's a range to suit all tastes.

Your day will end with the discovery of a Provençal speciality: candied fruit at the Confectionery Saint-Denis in Les Beaumettes! Artisan confectioners since 1873, gourmets will be guided into their world of sweets...

Every encounter is a story, every product a memory. It's a taste experience not to be missed, and one that will warm your heart all day long.

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A good snack

Your afternoon snack starts with a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. You watch the rain, the drops gradually settling on the window. Who doesn't love that feeling and that cosy, warm atmosphere? You enjoy this moment to yourself, alone, as a couple, with family or friends over a delicious, comforting snack.
And that's not all, here are just a few of our favourites!

Maison Jarry in Cavaillon: discover the sweet delights of the Maison Jarry patisserie: sit back and enjoy their succulent cakes! For gourmets, let yourself be tempted by a wide choice of intensely flavoured artisan chocolates from the chocolate shop!

Le Gibassier de Lourmarin: try one of Provence's specialities, the Gibassier! A biscuit made from olive oil, it's a must-try when you visit Luberon. Gourmet pleasure guaranteed!


Rain is no barrier to pleasure... Why not take the time to pamper yourself? Would you like to? Then let's get started - relaxation guaranteed! The spas of the Luberon invite you to relax and unwind. Let yourself be tempted by a massage with essential oils, where each pressure from expert hands dissipates tension and stiffness, plunging you into a state of deep serenity.

At the end of the day, wrap yourself in a soft, comfortable bathrobe and take a moment to savour a delicious tea and a few delicacies. It's in this peaceful setting that the Luberon will transform your rainy day into an unforgettable memory of relaxation and escape.

Les Bories and Spa*****- Spa La Maison d'Ennea: in the heart of 8 hectares of olive trees, cypresses, holm oaks and aromatic gardens, let yourself be seduced by the cocooning atmosphere of this spa and its Aromatherapy-based treatments.

La Coquillade Provence: 2000m² of well-being in an idyllic setting. A space devoted entirely to relaxation and well-being, where you can recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries during your stay in the Luberon.

There are plenty of spas to choose from in the Luberon!

Escape Game Robion: Adventure and thrills guaranteed!

Are you looking for a fun activity full of twists and turns? The Last Mystery, an Escape Game in Robion, promises some thrilling adventures! With several rooms designed for over-12s and a room specially for children aged 7 to 11, it's the perfect place to take on a challenge, add a little spice and brighten up a dull day!

Rooms available:

- Étrange disparition en 1956 
- La malédiction de Millie 
- Le mystère du sphinx 
- L'épidémie zombie 
- Secret en Transylvanie 
- Bienvenue en enfer 
- L'école des sorciers : Le grimoire magique  
- L’école des sorciers : l’Héritage du dragon (+8 ans accompagné) 
- L'école des sorciers : Mystères & Sortilèges (salle réservée aux enfants entre 7 et 11 ans) 

A rainy day in the Luberon doesn't mean the end of your adventure, but rather an opportunity to discover another facet of this wonderful region. Whether you're exploring museums rich in history and culture, immersing yourself in the artistic world of art galleries, sampling local specialities, or indulging in a wellness session at a spa, the Luberon offers a multitude of activities to enrich your stay, even in the rain.

You'll leave with lasting memories of the diversity and richness of this region. So when a rainy day arrives, embrace it with enthusiasm and set off to discover the treasures of our beloved Luberon.

Let yourself be seduced!

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Escape Game The Last Mystery
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