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To the south of the Rhône Valley, the wines of the Luberon, whether red, rosé or white, offer a complex and seductive range of aromas. This distinctive character is due to the grape varieties, the terroir, the climate and, of course, the expertise of the winegrowers.

Red, rosé and white wines born of a light, chalky, sandy soil that gives its grape varieties a very special expression. Added to this is the Mediterranean climate, which allows the grapes to ripen beautifully, and the low altitude, which refreshes the night air and gives the grapes time to rest from their daily growth.
The D900, which crosses the Calavon valley to the north of the Luberon, forms the boundary between two appellations: AOC Luberon to the south and AOC Ventoux to the north.

AOC Luberon wines

Entirely within the Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon, it covers 36 communes and 3,400 hectares, with a production of 140,000 hectolitres, or almost 20 million bottles (in 2021).

The vines flourish on the slopes of the Luberon mountains. They benefit from exceptional conditions for their development, with a Provencal climate mixed with an Alpine influence. Thanks to these cooler nights in summer, Luberon wines are naturally well-balanced.

Typicity of AOC Luberon wines

Winegrowers have a wide variety of grape varieties at their disposal to make their wines: Syrah and Grenache, the emblematic grape varieties of the Rhône Valley, make up the majority of red and rosé blends. Grenache blanc and vermentino are widely used in the blending of whites.
Luberon wines are full-bodied and supple. The whites and rosés are fresh and fruity. The reds are peppier and spicier, with more tannic and truffle aromas.
All the cooperative and private cellars in the appellation produce 25% red, 25% white and 50% rosé. 19% of this production is organic, a share that has doubled in five years.

AOC Luberon

AOC Ventoux wines

South of the Rhône Valley, AOC Ventoux straddles two Regional Nature Parks, Ventoux and Luberon. The appellation covers 5,700 hectares of vineyards, stretching from the Dentelles de Montmirail to the northern slopes of the Luberon, crossing the Monts de Vaucluse and winding up to the foot of the Ventoux. Thanks to the influence of the mountain, which rises to 1912m, the appellation enjoys one of the coolest climates in the southern Rhône Valley.

Typicity of AOC Ventoux wines

The Ventoux appellation now has almost 150 cellars. The AOC Ventoux brings together a community of passionate, dynamic winemakers who produce red, white and rosé wines renowned for their freshness and aromatic diversity. Ventoux red wines are supple and richly flavoured, ranging from red fruits and spices to leather, liquorice and truffles. The fresh rosés are long on the palate, with notes of cherries, raspberries and flowers. The white wines are reminiscent of iris flowers, acacia and citrus fruit.

As a wine tourism destination, Destination Luberon invites you to discover the different estates and wine cellars where passion, tradition and know-how come together to offer you quality wines.